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In this age of polarizing politics, it’s not often you find someone running for office that you wholeheartedly support. For me this election, that person is Shelly Boshart Davis. I’ve known Shelly for years and am constantly amazed at her hard work and heart for our community.

Shelly owns a trucking company, is a farmer and has been an outspoken advocate for years on issues that impact agriculture, transportation and job creation. Often it seems like legislators from Portland never take the time to learn what it’s like to try to work and raise a family in rural Oregon. Shelly has done both and she can tell our community’s story at the capitol and advocate for our issues.

Shelly and I have served together on the Governmental Affairs Council with the Albany Chamber of Commerce, and I’ve seen first hand how she takes the time to research, listen, ask questions and make needed decisions.

Shelly is currently serving on the Linn County Budget Committee, and is fully prepared to hit the ground running in Salem and work hard for all of us. Please join me in voting for Shelly Boshart Davis as our next state representative.

Stacy Koos

Albany (Sept. 24)

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