I’ve taken an added interest in our local judicial races because I believe that the experience and perspective that Judge Fay Stetz-Waters brings with her to serve Linn County residents and Veterans in particular is crucial to our community well-being.

These issues are important to me because as a veteran myself and a future mental health provider I share her interests and concerns facing veterans in our community and nationwide. Like Judge Stetz-Waters, I enlisted in the military to be part of something bigger than myself, something that stands for those that may not be able to stand or speak for themselves.

As a Marine Corp veteran Judge Stetz-Waters understands the unique needs of the veteran community. She believes in helping veterans connect with resources, assists them with building community and giving back to Linn County. I believe that she will work hard to help set up a Veteran’s advocacy program within the county courts system to help Veterans with any legal issues they may face.

It is my intent to vote for Judge Fay Stetz-Waters because I have known her for over 10 years, she cares about the community and works hard to support and give back where she can. I have trust that Judge Stetz-Waters will continue to bring a critical eye, compassionate ear, integrity of the highest level and a strong moral compass to the position.

Sean Mishra

Albany (Nov. 1)

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