I am so proud to write this letter of hearty support for Judge Fay Stetz-Waters in retaining her position as Judge of Circuit Court, Position 1.

As a retired LBCC English teacher, I’m especially interested in this mid-term election. We need a judge not only with judicial expertise; we need a judge who has built a career based on fairness and equality for all. Judge Fay Stetz-Waters’ career illustrates these qualities: she has worked as a State Administrative Law Judge, as a Parole Board Hearings Officer, and as a lawyer for Legal Aid in Linn County. Additionally, as a Marine Corps veteran, she understands the needs of our veteran community and has set supporting our veterans as one of her priorities.

Judge Fay Stetz-Waters has said that “one of the things I’m most proud of is the fact that people who came before me — whether I ruled for them or against them — said I listened and treated them with respect.” We need a judge who will listen to all of us and will treat our entire community with respect!

I encourage you to vote for Judge Fay Stetz-Waters.

Robin Havenick

Albany (Oct. 18)

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