I came to this country in the 1960’s from Norway and became a U.S. citizen in the 1970’s because my family values were also U.S. values. On November 6, we have an opportunity to re-elect Judge Fay Stetz-Waters to the Linn County Circuit Court, who epitomizes my good family values of compassion, discipline, hard work and a broad knowledge of the law through the lens of an even temperament.

One of my supervisors in my career as a Human Services clerk was a retired Marine Corps general that made me want to do a better job representing his department to the public. This is what a true leader will do. It’s an innate quality, nurtured through years of experience as a lawyer, law clerk, parole board officer, graduate of Lewis & Clark and hearing cases on a regular basis as the current judge for Linn County, all with the intent of keeping families safe.

I urge every one of my neighbors to vote for a truly disciplined leader who will uphold our laws in a fair manner in the Linn County judicial system.

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Wendy Nilsen

Lebanon (Oct. 16)

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