Following Albany's budgeting, the most obvious partial solution is to look at the current expenditures for the last couple of months and see how much was spent to burn off the funds to get a full budget for next year. Anything that was determined to be unneeded or frivolous should be deducted from the new budget funds. If the departments spent money just to get more this year, they obviously don't need it. Or else just cut the big budgets by the amount needed. A committee of knowledgeable people outside city government should be given the task, not city employees who have a dog in the fight.

There are other suggestions that make as much sense as sticking a $200 tax (which it is ) on people in assisted care, closing Maple Lawn Preschool, or closing the Carnegie Library. How about sticking all residents over 65 the $200 to make it equal? How about a dollar surcharge to ride the carousel? Maybe PERS recipients current and future could be charged the $200. Qr probably the best idea, just do like the state did in the early 80's when it robbed SAIF to fix a shortfall, just cover the shortfall with funds from the Central Albany Revitalization Area. It seems to have lots of money.

Yeah, some of these ideas are sarcastic but make as much sense as some of the council's ideas.

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Yes, I can complain since I pay taxes to Linn-Benton Community College, and its funds are compressed for CARA.

Emil Harris

Halsey (Aug. 26)

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