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Barbara Love's letter is well meaning, but she does not know the facts (Mailbag, March 5).

Barbara, background checks have been required in Oregon of every gun sale since May 2015, including private. Criminals steal and buy and sell guns through their drug and crime networks. They don't obey laws.

The AR is not an assault rifle it only looks similar. (In fact the military is presently adopting a more powerful rifle as we speak.)

The AR is the most popular rifle in the United States, with many available accessories: it uses a less powerful round than any hunting rifle so it has a minimal kick and can be fired comfortably; it has a hand grip, and does function with large magazines; it has been around for decades, only recently was used in horrible shooting incidents.

None of those make it "evil."

If guns didn't exist, evil, sick people would use machetes, firebombs, knives, hatchets, clubs, screwdrivers, hammers and explosives to commit harm.

The bills that former New York mayor Bloomberg paid Gov. Brown $250,000 to support, place restrictions on far more than AR rifles. How can she accept $250,000? The Oregon Constitution prohibits this.

Law abiding people should not be forced to give up a freedom and right they have not misused, plus have added costs and requirements as well as being called felons if someone steals from them and commits a crime. This is wrong!

Oregonians need to look at that pile of bills, and ask yourself: what is next after those bills do nothing to stop criminals?

Gary Hartman

Lebanon (March 5)

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