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Mailbag: Since Dictator Joe took office...

Mailbag: Since Dictator Joe took office...

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Let’s examine how much further down the bowl America has gone since Dictator Joe took office:

1. Joe says only a dictator governs by executive order. To date, Joe has signed over 50 executive orders. So who needs Congress and the Senate? Save money and get rid of them both.

2. Jalina Porter, state department spokesperson for foreign policy to foreign countries, claims police are the greatest threat to national security.

3. Kristen Clark, justice department spokesperson on civil rights, claims Blacks are genetically superior to whites. Now I’m confused. All I’ve heard about for months is white supremacy, and now I’m told we really have Black supremacy. Make up your minds.

4. Dictator Joe’s open-borders policy allowing 3,000 illegals into the country unvetted and COVID-untested while Americans endure lockdowns.

5. Dictator Joe has suspended Operation Talon, targeting the arrest and deportation of illegal sex offenders. Illegal sex offenders have rights too, you know.

6. I would like Democrats like Elizabeth Warren to explain to me like I’m a 6-year-old how canceling student debt would be good for me.

7. MSNBC commentator suggests drone strikes on U.S. citizens would be appropriate at times. Conservative citizens, that is.

8. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s and Rashida Tlaib’s tearful accounts of fear they endured brought tears of laughter to me. What a comedy act. They should get Emmys for their performances.

Lastly, I promise to drive less so Kerry can fly his private jet in his quest to save the planet from global warming.

Larry Ciaffoni



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