Feeling compelled to respond to the letters of James Farmer (Mailbag, April 28) and Dennis Macrina (Mailbag, May 3) I find I am incredulous at the stunning and cavalier dismissal of our democracy and our republic by these two writers.

Do you truly mean to support and defend the Trump administration in it's blatant lawlessness? This administration on a daily basis defies the basic tenets of the United States Constitution, and is aided and abetted by the Republican Party in the Senate and the House. Blatantly and willfully disregarding the laws of our land as provided for in the Constitution. For which, incidentally, many courageous people fought and died to defend. Laws which this administration and all its members and officials took an oath to protect and defend.

There appear to be those for whom the Constitution and the laws of the land no longer have meaning. I am sickened by the state of affairs brought on by the Trump administration and its supporters. And, I am deeply saddened by the lack of human decency, cruelty, lack of compassion, and outright rampant lawlessness of this administration.

I am sick at heart and very frightened for my (and your) children and grandchildren.

Barbara Love

Albany (May 9)

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