Mailbag: Sewage in river is unacceptable

Mailbag: Sewage in river is unacceptable

Dumping sewage into the Willamette River is inexcusable and violates laws. The city of Albany's inadequate infrastructure did exactly that in mid-August, exposing people and wildlife to that crap. Warnings about the sewage dump were not adequately broadcast and some people swam in the pollution without knowing what they were getting into.

The city of Albany failed to maintain and/or upgrade the sewage system and must be forced to in court. Hopefully Willamette Riverkeeper, a group I support, will sue the city and obtain a court order instructing the city to upgrade the sewage system to prevent future sewage discharges into our wonderful Willamette River.

My wife and I regularly kayak the Willamette River. I want that water to be clean, free from diseases and noxious liquids. It's a shame that the Albany mayor and council have not focused adequately on this problem.

Ricardo Small

Albany (Sept. 11)


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