I attended the Art & Air Festival balloon launch Saturday morning. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn how those balloons change from big crumpled looking stuff-sacks to the fabulous forms floating right over our heads! I was also able to satisfy my curiosity as to how the balloons get initially filled out without catching fire.

However, I was very disappointed by the timing of the event. The launch was advertised as occurring at 6:45 am. The first balloon launched instead with the flag-raising ceremony at 6:25 am. My friend, who drove from Corvallis, thinking 6:30am would be early enough but not too early, missed that first balloon and our nation’s flag entirely.

Also, the parking situation was truly unfortunate, totally lacking in any attempt at order or safety.

Is there a way we can encourage the organizers of the festival to adhere to published schedules and provide competent traffic control guidance? This would make attending this festival more attractive in the future.

Kristina Hauge

Albany (Aug. 24)

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