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Liberals, including the current make-up of Oregon's government, want you to believe that more laws regulating guns will keep the citizens of Oregon safer. Take a good look at the recent workplace shooting in Aurora, Ill. Tell me how well current laws prevented this shooting when these laws are not enforced.

Time and again, government has failed to enforce current laws and regulations regarding firearm sales and possession. Why would I think additional proposed laws such as Oregon's SB 501 would have any effect in stopping these kinds of tragic events?

Let's put the Aurora shooting in perspective. The shooter was a criminal with a lengthy criminal history. Of course he's not going to comply with laws addressing firearm ownership and possession. He's a criminal! The same argument will apply to criminals in Oregon and compliance with SB 501. The only people who will be punished by the passage of SB 501 will be law-abiding citizens.

According to the bill, State Police will be the administrators of this legislation. Instead of tying up this valuable and limited resource for this nonsense, how about funding additional resources to State Police for patrol and investigations? How about additional funding for the state's forensics labs so cases can be adjudicated before their statute of limitations run out?

As I've stated before, laws regarding firearms are only effective if the agencies charged with their enforcement are willing to enforce them. I've also stated Oregon's state government can't legislate evil away and SB 501 won't change that.

Larry Ciaffoni

Albany (Feb. 18)

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