In reply to James Farmer's opinion (Mailbag, April 28):

I have changed three words only — and the result is as true as the original: "They made a promise to resist good things Obama is doing and, by God, it's a promise they are working hard to keep. It would be far better if they spent their time working with Obama making the country better, but it's a choice the Republicans have made."

Considering the shenanigans of both major parties: "A plague o' both your houses!" Is it any wonder why every election cycle shows more voters being registered non-affiliated?

I do hope for the day when we will have a massively limited cap on campaign spending, an unfettered open primary and a "top-two" result process. Our allies across the pond in the UK have a limited time-frame from which to actively campaign. That's also looking good!

Ray Kopczynski

Albany (May 9)

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