I read the recent letter from Matthew Goss with some interest. He hits on a theme I've seen quite often in the Electoral College supporters.

Apparently the "rural rabble" doesn't want the "big city rabble" to have any electoral power in this country. It's always impressed me how rural folks seem to believe they're born to a more noble God than all the rest of us (feces? really?). It's also impressive how "out front" they are with that "sense of superiority."

It's a streak in our culture that goes all the way back to the founders. The original Constitution severely limited the franchise to a relatively small number of "landed gentry." Those founders weren't at all interested in abolishing aristocracy, they just wanted to get rid of that old bloodline European aristocracy, replacing it with an American variety. The Electoral College is one of the relics of that old "aristocratic" thinking.

If we really wanted to realize the "all men (and women) are created equal" promise of our Constitution, we would abolish that Electoral College right away.

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Finally, the "big city" poverty rates are minuscule when compared to the poverty rates in the rural parts of the country — and should we discuss what happens with feces out on the farm?

Bill Halsey

Albany (May 17)

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