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A couple of years ago the ramp from Jackson Street to Pacific Boulevard was restricted to emergency vehicles only. This has caused all other traffic to divert to Madison to get onto Pacific Boulevard.

Now that the police force has a new building and no longer needs that ramp on an emergency basis, let’s take down the signs and allow normal traffic to use the ramp as originally intended.

As far as I can determine, there is only the sheriff’s department using the ramp now. No fire trucks or police use the ramp in an emergency. The ramp served as a great access for the public for many years without any difficulty. It can serve us well again.

Finally, there are only a few times that the sheriff’s department uses that ramp as an emergency access, as they are normally out in the county on patrol. If there is a need for emergency access, that is what lights and sirens are for.

Mel Yeager

Albany (Jan. 24)

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