“Timing is everything.” So say comedians, historians, business executives, even biblical scholars.

As efforts to recall Gov. Kate Brown come to a head, we now find out that the Oregon public records advocate, an office proposed by Brown and established by the Legislature in 2017, is resigning over policy differences. The issue is independence and transparency.

When the office was established, the idea was to work with both public agencies and records requesters in disputes involving freedom of information, clearly a job requiring independence.

The public records advocate, Ginger McCall, has a sterling resume of work in the public records field in both the private and public sector. As reported in the Democrat-Herald, she prepared memos from two meetings with representatives of the governor last January in which she believed she was being pressured to put the governor’s interest above that of the public. The governor denied McCall’s allegations. The dispute apparently festered, leading to McCall’s resignation.

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As a Democrat, I would hate to see Gov. Brown heading down the trail of abuse of power so effectively blazed by Donald Trump.

Bob Wynhausen

Lebanon (Sept. 10)

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