Each week I have been reading the "Interfaith Voices" column with a great deal of interest. Some I agree with and some I do not agree with. After all, our Constitution guarantees us freedom of religion but not freedom from religion, as many seem to believe.

Today's column title (April 13) caught my immediate attention: "Understanding why Jesus was executed." I agree with the author up to a point, however, in my opinion, and as I read the Bible, I respectfully submit that she missed the main point. Jesus was not feared by the Roman government, This is indicated by the fact Pilot attempted of release Him (Matthew 27:17-26). He was feared by the Jewish religious leaders of the day because their position of power over the people was threatened by the message Jesus preached.

The real reason Jesus was crucified was and is God's plan of salvation for all of humankind (John 3:16). Jesus rose from the dead on the third day as prophesied (Jn 12:19-20). Because He was raised, we celebrate Easter! Because He was raised, all who believe will experience eternal life in heaven with Him.

That is the truly the only reason Jesus was crucified. May God bless you; have a wonderful Easter.

Floyd Bacon

Albany (April 13)

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