Mailbag: Rationing could make life easier

Mailbag: Rationing could make life easier


Remember rationing? Back in the 1970s, the Arab oil cartel embargoed oil, creating shortages of gasoline in this country. There were lines at gas stations which were hours long and often ended with the station running out of gas before you got any.

The situation got greatly improved when then-Gov. McCall implemented gas rationing and the odd/even license system. Of course, this was back when Republicans cared about more than just tax breaks for the wealthy.

Why can't we do something similar today? If your name begins with "A" through "L" you get to go to the grocery store, BiMart, Costco, Freddies, etc., and buy a limited amount of toilet paper, hand cleaner, hamburger, etc. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If your name starts with "M through "Z," you get Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

This would also serve to reduce the biggest concentration of people which I've encountered since this all started, the line at the grocery store. It would also alleviate the problem with hoarding. It's crazy that some of us are looking at leaves or notebook paper to wipe our bums while some of our neighbors are hoarding a garage full.

There should also be some protection put in place to report and/or prevent price gouging.

I know we can't agree on cap and trade. But this seems so obvious and helpful. Let's get our politicians to implement something similar.

Frank Lathen



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