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As a member of the Oregon Rural Progressives, I watched the CNN report with the students and parents of Parkland confronting their political leaders last Wednesday night (Feb. 21). There were many high points brought out at that meeting. These are just a few:

The remedies proposed by the politicians were sorely lacking; one was raising the age of purchase from 18 to 21; the next morning I read about a 17-year-old boy in California who made a threat and was arrested. He had access to two assault rifles and 90 high-caliber magazines belonging to his 28-year-old brother (one of his rifles was unregistered). This proves changing the age of purchase would not be effective.

When a student asked Sen. Rubio to say that he would not accept any more donations from the NRA, Rubio would not confirm. One of his repeated statements was that "he votes for what he thinks is right," not what his constituents want. So he is going to continue to take millions from the NRA and vote for what they want.

The NRA is such a brave group that they sent a spokeswoman to speak for them rather than their president. The NRA spokeswoman stated that 150 schools had been update to prevent the school shootings: where are they and what percentage is that of all the schools in the U.S.? She continuously put the burden back on the states, cities, local police and schools to prevent the mass shootings.

I am so proud of the bravery, passion and confidence of the students I see a change because of them. I am with the students. Ban the assault weapons!

Lou Amerson

Albany (Feb. 26)


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