Time to rethink city government

Please look at the contrast of recent Democrat-Herald front page outcomes: Linn County invests $10 million from a healthy road fund account to purchase the International Paper site while Albany can’t find money to repair city streets. Perhaps it is time to change the form of city government into professional, paid, elected commissioners rather than unpaid, elected councilors who dabble in money issues. The unpaid council hires a highly paid city manager — an inefficient, ineffective, nonfrugal system.

An initiative petition should be filed to revise the City Charter to make the change. I predict overwhelming voter approval.

Tom Cordier

Albany (Aug. 28)

President Trump unfit to serve

When we elected Donald Trump president of the United States, I took a media break. I thought he was a poor choice to be POTUS but I decided I would keep a low profile, stay away from the media circus and tend to items that I had some input on or control over.

Recent events have given me pause regarding my vow to “sit this one out.” It’s now clear to me and to others, including members of the GOP, that our president is mentally ill, and that this illness is not only something that should concern all of us, it’s dangerous and detrimental to the USA. It’s my opinion that President Trump has both a distorted world view as well as a distorted view of the job of president, he has an illness that is debilitating enough to warrant action to save what remains of our world standing and end the alienation of long time allies.

President Trump’s seeming inability to refrain from constant praise for every world leader who subjugates his fellow countrymen to maintain their strongarm hold of its citizens just plain scares me. We need to address this illness now, before we have to deal with a wannabe dictator of our own. President Trump is unfit for office and we should do everything in our power to start the process of having him declared unfit to govern and removed from office.

Steve Rose

Albany (Aug. 28)

Council should keep pool open

Regarding the possible closure of the Albany Community Pool, I hope that the City Council will rethink this. I am one of many people who use the pool regularly. I have tried a variety of types of exercise, but this is one of the best for me. On a couple of occasions when I developed some odd muscle problems, the pool exercise was exactly what was needed and helped, in addition to some physical therapy with the pool exercise encouraged by the therapist.

Your article alluded to the fact that there is a pool at the YMCA that could be used. However, that is an uneven comparison as the cost of the pool at the Y is considerably greater. I suspect that many of those who use the community pool currently could not afford to go to the Y.

In addition to those of us who use the pool for exercise, it is used by the schools for water safety, which I believe to be extremely important in this area with water close by. It is also used by the water polo team and swim teams, both of which are very positive activities for young people. I don’t believe these activities could take place at the Y. There are so many positive activities that are taking place at the community pool that I hope the City Council will decide to keep it in the budget!

Nathalia Letson

Albany (Aug. 26)

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