Since well before his election, Trump was known to have an adversarial relationship with the truth. Whether his inability to deal with reality is a product of self-delusion or a conscious effort to deceive is immaterial at this point.

What is important is that we have a man in the White House whose word we cannot trust on any issue, large or small. Compounding the problem is the fact that the Republican leadership and a large percentage of the rank and file have fallen into lockstep with his twisted agenda and are completely at ease with his dishonesty.

Now that congressional Democrats are practicing oversight, Trump and his minions want to call foul when the need for such accounting is obvious to even the most jaundiced partisan.

The “Party of Lincoln” seems to have fallen under the spell of the P. T. Barnum of politics. We all know that politicians occasionally stretch the truth to support their agenda: however, habitual lying seems to be confined to those who have either a great deal to hide or are pursuing a nefarious end game.

When the word of the most powerful man on the planet cannot be taken as truth, then we are all in danger.

Kenneth R. England

Albany (April 8)

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