Ever since he announced his candidacy for president, Donald Trump has clouded the battlefield with smoke to obscure his own corruption and incompetence. The first smokescreen was the indictment of the “others.” These were the amorphous black, brown, and yellow people who were robbing pure Americans of their heritage and potential. Only he could stop them by building a wall and banning their entry.

The next grenade was aimed at the nations that have raped and pillaged our economy and industrial might while lesser minds stood by and watched. Only he could fix it. His trade war with China and lesser economic powers was supposed to make the US stronger and punish our oppressors. Ask farmers and our nascent renewable energy industries how that worked out.

Whenever Trump gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he immediately resorts to the “what about” defense. Of course, his two favorite targets are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Now, with the 2020 election looming, he adds Biden and any other Democratic challenger who may sneak up the polls. Well, here is a message to Mr. Trump.

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Barack Obama is no longer the president. You can only wish you had his record. You beat Hillary Clinton only because of an antiquated election system. Her emails were never really an issue. And lastly, those black, brown, and yellow people you want to exclude may just be the best hope to make sure this country continues to be great.

Kenneth R. England

Albany (Oct. 31)

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