Try 3 months for $3

On Feb. 7 there was a power outage in Tangent that lasted several hours. When the power came back on, our fairly new furnace would not work despite our troubleshooting and rebooting efforts.

The next day (yes, it was a very cold night at our house) the technician discovered that the thermostat had fried and "was probably due to the power surge during grid startup. That will be $325 please." Ouch.

Can P.P. & L. be liable, we asked? Well, they have pretty deep pockets and it's probably not worth your trouble, he said. Can we prevent a recurrence, we asked? Shut off the breaker, he said. What if we're not home, we asked? Well, they have pretty deep pockets, he said. So there looms the possibility this could happen again and again? Well, they have pretty deep, uh, never mind.

We have had many outages over time and have never fried anything during startup until we got the "smart meter." 

So, hey, P.P.&L! Your new "smart meters" have a very low IQ.

Chris Schaffner

Tangent (Feb. 10)

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