I understand that some of you all want the election for president to be based on a popular vote. Lets think about this. If we had a popular vote then several big cities would determine every policy in the USA. Those cities are LA, San Fran, Portland, Seattle, Detroit, Minneapolis and New York. Every one of those cities have a lot in common. They are all sanctuary cities, all have strong anti-gun laws, all have violent/gun crimes way above the national per capita average, all have high homelessness/poverty, etc. In fact, LA has the highest homeless and poverty rate in the USA. And San Fran is right up there.

Every day, crews go out in those two cities and collect huge amounts of human feces. Is that what you want the whole USA to look like? And there is one more thing that all these cities have in common: they are all managed by ultra liberal globalists/socialists/communists that hate the USA and want to destroy our sovereignty. They want open borders.

George Bush Sr, and Bill Clinton started this mess. George Sr. proposed NAFTA and Clinton got it passed. And George Sr./Clinton/George Jr./Barry all supported a North American union (Canada, USA, Mexico) with no borders and one currency. This proposal was one more step toward a one world government.

Is that really what you want? That's what you'll get if we went with an unconstitutional popular vote. The globalists hate the USA. Destroying the USA would destroy the quality of life globally. The USA is richest and most charitable.

Matthew Goss

Lebanon (May 12)

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