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It's Sunday morning (Dec. 16) and I have been going through the opinions posted online in both the GT and the ADH. Some are better than the funny papers, especially from Corvallis. The political letters in particular have the most humorous reading.

Sandra Schomberg had a reply letter and her response was liberals don't hate America. She went on with her reasons that backed her opinion saying liberals love the Constitution and the rule of law and can't wait for Mueller's report from the special council. I laughed a good 10 minutes wondering just how far the hate for Trump has driven folks from reality. The Constitution she says she loves was trampled on in the entire process of creating a special council to go after a sitting POTUS elected by the people. A phony dossier and two years of trying to throw out a president when they can't even state an actual crime committed, but heck, yes, liberals love the Constitution.

Our Repub folks are no lovers of America, either, because both parties' leaders have turned out to be gold diggers that can't possibly love this nation. No budget in years and 22 trillion in debt given to us by both of them: love of country my bucket. At some point you hope Trump derangement syndrome is overcome by the people, but the hate pushed by the media goes on and on, so do you think media loves America?

James Farmer

Albany (Dec. 16)

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