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I've seen the not very civil discussion about DT's wall. There are a few important points that some people seem to be forgetting.

First of all, the government shutdown began when the Republicans still had control of Congress. If they thought that it was necessary, they could have passed the appropriations for it. They didn't, which should tell everyone something about it, i.e., in their view it isn't necessary or important.

Secondly, Representative Will Hurd of Texas, a Republican Congressman whose district covers around 800 miles of the border. Is against DT's wall. He has said in the media that this wall would be ineffective and unnecessary.

Thirdly, anyone with actual border patrol experience has said that less that 9% of illegal drugs come across the unregulated border. The rest, over 90%, come into our country through the ports of entry. That is where the security needs to be increased, and what everyone except for the President and his cabinet wants.

Lastly, few criminals come across the unguarded border. People seeking asylum or help shouldn't be counted as criminals in the statistics!

If our sources of information don't talk about these facts, then they aren't telling the truth.

Rich Siegert

Lebanon (Feb. 1)

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