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Mailbag: People need to inform themselves

Mailbag: People need to inform themselves


Robert Harris (Oct. 23) writes about abortion and a woman’s right to choose.

Since Roe vs. Wade, we have the mapping of the genome and study of DNA. At conception, the fertilized egg has all of the information it needs to develop and grow as a human being. This person is unique, never one before, never one again. All this person needs is time, nutrition and a safe place to develop and grow. Currently the most unsafe place in the world for a child is the womb.

We’re rightly concerned for the well-being of minorities, yet a disproportionate number of Black babies are aborted every year. The founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger was deeply racist, and wanted to eradicate Blacks and the disabled, etc.

Also consider Peter Singer, an ethicist from Princeton, stating it would be OK to take the life of a child up to 2 years of age. He considered those who were disabled or mentally challenged as not able to have a full life — it would be OK to kill them. If we treat life so cavalierly at the beginning, there would be justification for ending life anywhere along a lifespan if they are disabled or considered unfit.

Finally, I challenge Mr. Harris or anyone who is unaware of what is involved in an abortion procedure to go on YouTube and review the testimony before the House of former abortion doctor Anthony Levatino. 

Paula Osborn



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