I live in California and frequently travel to Portland to visit family and have never had occasion to stop in Albany. Recently my wife saw a film on television about the carousel and so this trip we decided to stop and see it.

The carousel is certainly a marvel and a work of love. The volunteer staff are terrific, and great representatives for both the carousel and the city.

Upon arrival at the Carousel I was looking for a place to park. There were cars right behind me so I pulled into the first handicap parking spot in front of the building. After helping my wife inside I went back to get my camera.

When I came out Officer Robert Zuniga was standing by my car. I asked if there was a problem and he replied I might want to go and read the sign up the street indicating back-in parking. I had not seen the sign though I did notice other cars parked backward. With no further conversation Officer Zuniga handed me the ticket and left.

My thought is this. The good people of Albany have spent millions of dollars to build a truly incredible attraction so that people might come and help the economy. Officer Zuniga could have asked me to turn my car around and wished me a good day. Instead of seeing an opportunity to help promote the city he left me with a bad "gotcha" feeling. I left Albany with a very bad taste.

Jeff Baker

Dublin, California (June 27)

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