In reply to Ken England on election tampering:

I agree completely that tampering with a country's election is the most despicable act in politics. It's great Ken points it out and I am sure he is sorry for his party committing such a despicable act. Creating a phony dossier and putting the country through 265 days of trying to run a coup on an elected POTUS is despicable. Fortunately, all the lies by the never Trumpers and the media failed to destroy an election.

The liars won't stop, they will just pivot with new lies and I want to thank Ken for telling us to expect more of the same because fact is the resistance won't give up. It's my opinion the resistance, mostly Democrats, are far too invested to quit lying now as they have nothing to lose. Once your integrity is gone then you can't get it back, so may as well keep the lies going.

Only the voters can put an end to the lies.

James Farmer

Albany (March 27)

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