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Mailbag: Officers all should be fired

Mailbag: Officers all should be fired


When the state hires people and provides them with weapons and uniforms for the purpose of protecting and serving, we have expectations of behavior, judgment and basic intelligence.

At this point, everything anyone does in public is likely to be filmed. No one is immune, and certainly public officials, the police in particular, should be aware of this by now.

So when four members of the state police defy the laws they are being paid to enforce, openly and publicly, that implies insolence, bad judgment, lack of intelligence, and complete lack of respect for the people and society they are being paid to take care of. And really, how many people publicly swear at their boss without expecting to be fired?

Which brings us to the culture that exists within the Oregon State Police. Apparently, the only consequences these officers got was that the one who swore at his boss was put on paid leave. The others are walking around with weapons and uniforms, free to continue their behavior. The one on administrative leave is being paid to stay home until this blows over, presumably to continue his employment at that time.

These officers all should be fired — and it is with deep concern that I wonder why that hasn’t been done. There are so many good officers, why doesn’t the State Police administration show them respect, and get rid of the ones who are not worthy of serving? Someone should be looking at the administration of this agency.

Terry Weiss



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