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The current brouhaha about gun control solicits the following observations:

1. 99.9% Responsible gun owners must be punished. Gun owners must pay for .1% criminal malfeasance.

2. Majority mass shooters obtained firearms legally, passed background checks, all violated paper tiger firearms laws.

3. Mass shooters demonstrate left of center political leanings.

4. Libs respond to casualties with more gun control initiatives.

5. A gun in and of itself have never hurt anyone. Physically impossible.

6. Evil hearts of evil people do evil things.

7. Cops know this very well: When seconds count cops are minutes away and until they or the coroner arrive you are on your own.

8. Multiple thousands of children have been butchered in Oregon credited to our governor and toadies.

9. Liberal elite want guns for themselves but not for you. Ask any politician.

10. The Second Amendment shall not be infringed.

Daily observations from my point of view.

Larry J. Ricklefs

Albany (Dec. 31)

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