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Mailbag: Objective seems to be divisiveness

Mailbag: Objective seems to be divisiveness


I note from reading today’s letters that, even post-election, our local liberal contingent continues to spew venom, hatred, falsehoods and absurdities.

First the false: Bob Wynhausen (Nov. 15) alleges that Sen. McConnell advocated for President Trump’s claims of election irregularities. He did no such thing, deliberately limiting his remarks to pointing out that election results wind up in court all the time, the system provides for this, and Mr. Trump, like any candidate, Democrat or Republican, has every right to thus petition for relief. All this is perfectly reasonable and proper.

The venom, hatred and absurdities come from Jess Norick’s statements (Nov. 15) that all Trump voters condone rape and murder, thus carrying the “basket of deplorables” theme to a new low. Benton County conservatives have become used to a steady diet of ridiculous, derogatory and insulting remarks, but these are unparalleled.

Two questions, Jess: Do you really believe that the tens of millions of women who voted for Mr. Trump would actually condone the rape of another woman? Likewise, do all Black Republicans really think it’s cool to shoot other Black people?

Nationally, Democrats cry out for the country to come together and unify under Joe Biden. Locally, the objective seems to be a further enhancement of divisiveness. Were I a betting man, I’d wager the locals like Jess will prevail.

John Brenan



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