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I found many terms in my thesaurus to describe the obsequious fawning adulation of Donald Trump by James Farmer (Mailbag, Feb 1). There can be no doubt of James Farmer’s unconditional love of Mr. Trump. He heaps praise, where little is warranted, while describing Cathy Baker and myself as Trump haters.

I can’t speak for Ms. Baker, but my view of the Trump Administration and its obvious failings (most recently, the 35-day government shutdown) is one of incredulity, not hate. I love my country and don’t want it pillaged by Mr. Trump and his family. Although Trump has been president for just two years, the yardsticks provided by previous presidents, even some of the worst, don’t provide adequate standards by which to measure Trump’s failings.

I view Trump as an arsonist standing in front of a burning building, admiring his handiwork. A man like that has to be stopped.

Hate is a very unproductive emotion. It takes too much energy and seldom gets the job done. The job at hand is to put the fire out, arrest the arsonist and rebuild the house.

That’s going to require a lot more critical thinking than Mr. Farmer has expended on Donald Trump.

Bob Wynhausen

Lebanon (Feb. 1)

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