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Dr. Robert Harris is attacking gas-operating technology as the cause for semi-auto and full-auto firearms. (Mailbag, April 24).

An M-1 and AR rifles use some gas feedback, but semi-auto .22 rifles don't, nor do virtually all semi-auto pistols. Nor did submachine guns in WWII.

As a cartridge fires, the bullet heads down the barrel. An equal and opposing force pushes the empty casing in the opposite direction, against a heavy, spring-loaded bolt in a .22 semi-auto rifle, and against a spring loaded metal receiver in a semi-auto pistol. Those items are designed to move backwards and cock the hammer as they expel the used casing. As they go forward they load the next round into the chamber. So they do not use "gas technology."

Look at the modern world:

1.) Autos kill tens of thousands each year.

2.) People looking at their cell phones get hit crossing the street daily because they are not paying attention.

3.) Doctors accidentally kill thousands of patients, according to plenty of sources: NPR, almost 100,000 per year; Healthcare IT, 400,000; the Office of Inspector General for Health and Human Services said that bad hospital care contributed to the deaths of 180,000 patients in Medicare alone in a given year.

With no intent, all those deaths.

Now, logically, with the argument that "guns are for killing," how is it that deaths by law-abiding gun owners don't even begin to approach those above? The reason: "law abiding gun owners." Are criminals going to follow any laws?

Leave honest people alone; get the criminals and insane.

Gary Hartman

Lebanon (April 24)

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