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Susan Angland's letter (Mailbag, Nov. 26) about the Main Stream Media (MSM) describes a lack of respect for the president, the office of the president and for his supporters.

Ms. Angland correctly finds the media focusing on the president's character "in lieu of policies and real achievements," as if there are such achievements on which to focus. Indeed, the "shameful and juvenile behavior" that is "typically only seen on reality TV shows" more accurately portrays the actual history of this reality TV performer and accused sexual predator occupying the White House than it does the reporters of the news.

So what about Ms. Angland's accusation of the "deceitful" focus by the MSM? Indeed, we read or hear almost every day about who's groping whom, name-calling among the nations, how much longer until so-and-so is fired, minorities to be afraid of, and so on. What we don't read or hear about very much is how we're going to save a pluralistic democracy from the propaganda of manipulated crisis and fear that serves Putin, Kim, Assad, and, yes, our own elected president.

We are not going to get the kind of truth we so desperately need to save ourselves and our planet by staring at screens; only actual researched journalism can do that. And what has become "mainstream" is, unfortunately, staring at screens.

Ms. Angland is right that the MSM must be held accountable. She's wrong about how and why.

Ron Green

Albany (Nov. 26)

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