In response to John Dearing's recent letter:

It is said that no one is illegal on stolen land. All of us who are not of indigenous ancestry are here in the United States because this land was stolen from its original inhabitants through genocide and relocation. So who is using whose limited resources? And that said, we must also remember that U.S. foreign policies have created chaos in countries around the world, resulting in people coming to the United States out of sheer desperation. Ask yourself to what lengths you would go to save yourself and your family from murder and mayhem. Your letter implies that people from other countries are just showing up in the United State to defiantly break laws.

Insofar that driver's licenses and ID cards help us all to transact daily business legally, I'm not sure why you'd want to create a subculture of people forced to live under the radar and off the grid — not out of defiance but out of necessity. How is this a healthy solution?

If you're worried about resources, you can start by reducing the amount of resources you use — electricity, water, gas for your car, unnecessary packaging and bagging. And the consumption of meat uses up a whole lot of resources, just saying! You could go vegetarian! Even better — vegan! If you're not already, I mean.

Leonora Rianda

Albany (May 21)

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