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Mailbag: No cheating, no skullduggery

Mailbag: No cheating, no skullduggery


I’m responding to James Farmer’s letter (Oct. 6) regarding mail-in voting in Oregon.

First, a little history. I’ve lived in Oregon for 29 of my 80 years. I was here in 1996 for the all-mail election to replace Bob Packwood (Wyden vs. Smith). I was here in 1998 to walk my Portland neighborhood for signatures to put Measure 60 (all-mail elections) on the ballot. It won with nearly 70% of the vote. It’s a very popular and effective system.

I would also remind Mr. Farmer that our secretary of state is our chief officer, responsible for oversight of elections. I would also remind Mr. Farmer that since 2017 that office has been held by a Republican. Now let me connect the dots — if there were cheating going on, as implied by Mr. Farmer, wouldn’t a Republican secretary of state have been all over it?

And what’s happened? Bupkis, nada, zip, zero. No cheating, no skullduggery, not even an innuendo of wrongdoing.

Mr. Farmer’s real problem is that he is a Republican and can’t stand the idea of being in the minority, so he’s looking for someone or something to blame. The problem is with his own party. If you could run candidates and/or provide solutions to problems that a majority of Oregonians would support, your problem would be solved. Why not try that rather than looking for scapegoats?

Bob Wynhausen



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