Lately, I have been reflecting on our local county as a starting place to make a difference for the under-served population that often has no voice.

When I met Stephanie Newton as one of our candidates for county commissioner, I realized she was someone who cares about all of us. She asked me what I thought could be improved in our county, and particularly what was important in rural Linn County. As a farmer I have concerns about the availability of housing and opportunities for new young farmers. I think Stephanie can help us come up with solutions for folks like us that will need farm help as we age, and care about getting young farmers a fair start.

Stephanie Newton has a fresh perspective for our county and I would like to see her have input on all the important issues we will face in the future.

This should not be a partisan position, we just need the best most energetic person for the job, which is no doubt Stephanie Newton!

Please vote for our future!

Leslie Carter

Scio (Oct. 22)

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