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I believe the greatest danger Donald Trump poses to the United States and the world at large is his inability to grasp the reality of his responsibility and the consequences of his actions and words. He is obsessed with his image to the point of coercing others to falsify documents, lying about his academic background, grossly inflating his athletic achievements, and touting his sexual prowess while numerous women have labeled him a lecher.

We, the American people who both applauded and cringed at his election must now face the fact that we have a man in office unfit to serve intellectually, morally and probably physically. His entire persona is built upon a media myth that grossly inflated his wealth, business acumen, social status and intellect. Under the scrutiny of the same media that created him, Trump is crumbling into the “made for TV” creature that he is. He is untethered to truth and reality. This is the man who is about to enter into negotiations with the leader of the most ruthless regime in the world and a man Trump has proclaimed to be “honorable.”

Macron and Merkel both tried to dissuade Trump from abandoning the Iran nuclear agreement with no success.

As the rest of the world laughs, we are stuck with the Volkswagen filled with clowns that is this administration. Morons are governing America.

Kenneth R. England

Albany (May 5)

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