In reply to Michael Felde's letter, in which he expressed his different view of President Trump:

America is a great country that allows a difference in opinion; well, unless your opinion is different that what leftists believe. It's hilarious to watch media "fact check" Trump, the liars in media telling us who is lying. Phony fake news to fill the minds of Democrats so they can feel like they have some relevance in our politics. It's great to hate, it sells papers and keeps folks looking the other way while the corruption goes on.

There is nothing that can be said to change the hate for Trump in folks' minds. You either realize he is the greatest POTUS we have ever had or you live in the Democratic hell of resistance and losers. It's not your fault or the fault of the rest of those who hate Trump, it's what the media feeds you that drives you to hate. It's just a fact of life and nature itself that some folks can't see what's different; it doesn't mean you are a bad person.

The thing about Trump is he is working hard to make a better America in spite of all the hate and resistance. He knows when prosperity is brought back to the nation that people then have the power to be free and think for themselves. Have a wonderful summer and thanks for your opinion.

James Farmer

Albany (June 23)

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