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Mailbag: Many Trumpers are filled with fears

Mailbag: Many Trumpers are filled with fears


The recent letters from Roger Shaputis, Robin Rose, Judy Steel and Diane Bach are contorted attempts to justify as acceptable Trump’s science-denying ignorance, including his narcissistic, racist, lying, self-serving corruption (Trump has multiple mental illnesses).

It took America centuries to achieve global leadership; it took Trump four years to end it. Next, Democratic angst over the many down-ballot failures is strong and understandable. One explanation is the Democratic advertising wizards seem to assume that a large portion of the Republican/Trump cult have the abilities (education, life experience, etc.) to comprehend their messages … This is a mistake, because clearly some Republicans do not.

For example, when Democrats discuss problems requiring national and/or global solutions (climate change, pollution, COVID-19, racism, etc.) apparently many God-and-guns Trumpers hear only “blah, blah, blah, socialism,” then right-wing trolls and fear-mongers whip them into a panicked frenzy (I have witnessed this!).

Also, many Trumpers are not comfortable with technology, plus they are also filled with multiple fears regarding the massive social and economic changes that have occurred in less than a generation and are threatening their families’ futures (also witnessed). Additionally, some Republicans are Q conspiracy believers (requires a weak grip on reality), and now the House of Representatives will have more Republican Q believers than Republican African Americans ( … let that sink in).

Therefore, Democrats must stop assuming all Republicans have the abilities to understand what Democrats actually believe, because some of these beliefs appear to be beyond what some Republicans can comprehend.

Grant Roberts



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