Who benefits most with uncontrolled illegal immigration? Does illegal immigration help workers who are American citizens? Who insists that illegal immigrants get drivers licenses? Who is waiting at the DMV to register as many illegal immigrants as possible to vote after they show their state issued ID? Could it be sanctuary cities and states? What political party controls all sanctuary cities and states? Why does this particular political party need illegal aliens to cast fraudulent votes? Which political party benefits from all the votes cast by dead people? Which political party goes out in Orange County, California, and harvests ballots? Which political party received 110% of the total number of registered voters in that political party in Orange County, California? Which political party wants to lower the voting age to 16? Fresh in high school. What political party does over 80% of public school instructors belong to? Could it be that this political party needs votes of 16 -year-olds because they have spent the last 10 years being indoctrinated into this political philosophy? Why would a political party need fraudulent votes from illegal aliens and dead people? Why would a political party need the votes of indoctrinated 16-year-olds and practice ballot harvesting?

Well, I'll tell you. If this political party didn't get these illegal/fraudulent/unethical votes they would never win another election! The majority of Americans are patriots and do not belong to this corrupt desperate political party.

Matthew Goss

Lebanon (March 29)

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