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Mailbag: Letters defending decision confused

Mailbag: Letters defending decision confused

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A couple letters came out defending Superintendent Goff’s decision to bow to the woke crowd and ban the barbaric practice of cops issuing stickers and high-fives to students at area schools.

The letters seem confused because, while praising the decision to remove cops over a theoretical problem of cop-induced traumatization of children, they also affirm this shouldn’t be seen as a lack of respect for cops.

If people in positions of authority oust cops for greeting children because a few have that feeling, real or imagined, how could it be seen as anything less than a fortification of their belief that cops are out to do bad things? How is that helpful?

What Bobby Schueller (April 18) doesn’t seem to recognize is that when people need assistance in auto accidents, violent family disputes, somebody stealing your porch property, or threatening you on the street, the dentists and pediatricians he’s mentioned aren’t the ones responding to that call and guiding you through the legal proceedings to try to make that right. Cops are, which is why reinforcing in children’s minds that their trauma is real is harmful. You need that trust.

As for inducing trauma, Mr. Schueller might keep in mind that if little Johnny’s dad gets himself locked up, it’s Johnny’s dad alone who’s responsible for that trauma, not the cops.

What Susan Leonard of Albany (April 16) should understand is the media’s complicit malpractice in being deliberately incendiary rather than reporting the truth, which is why our cities burn.

Harry Mallory




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