Do your letter writers ever fact check? You should write an apology to the Ark Encounter. Your story is full of lies. You don’t even have the right state. More fake news just what we all need, disgusting.

1. The Ark Encounter is not an amusement park — there are no roller coasters, etc. The only rides are camel rides. It is a themed attraction.

2. The Ark is not located in Tennessee; it's in Williamstown, Kentucky.

3. No state funds (zero) were used to build the Ark Encounter, despite the fake news spread by media and secularists. The Ark Encounter receives a percentage rebate on sales tax generated within the park (new money generated in the state) as part of an approved tourism incentive program available to all tourist facilities fulfilling the requirements.

4. The Ark Encounter has never been going bankrupt; that's ridiculous. Visitor numbers are stronger than ever and financials are carefully audited by an outside auditing agency.

5. The Ark was never sold to private investors for $10 — more fake news. The Ark Encounter has always been owned and operated by the nonprofit Answers in Genesis.

6. The Ark Encounter has never tried to avoid paying taxes. Property taxes are paid just like any other property owner would pay them — and schools, etc., benefit.

What much of the media has taught people is to not do fact checking, make up whatever you want, and use whatever propaganda you want to — no matter.

Keith Schulze

Saginaw, Michigan (June 1)

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