Reading Jon Elmendorf's letter about how he liked the news that he got in Texas better than the news here reminded me of how glad I was to leave the South after 16 years, and return to the West. I know some wonderful people in the South and am still in contact with them, but far too many are judgmental and prideful. I am so glad to be away from the "holier than thou" and paternalistic mentality that rules so much of the culture there. Like many people here, but fortunately not the majority, Elmendorg appears to prefer the lies and fear-mongering of the far-right, even though the evidence is always there to see.

I remember when the adults in the cities of Texas revolted because some of their school arts classes were going to be discontinued so that schools in counties without basic supplies, such as textbooks, pencils, and paper would get them. They wouldn't let that happen! Texas now has around 1 million children without any health insurance, and very few social services. That is the culture of the person who is looking down on us.

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Rick Siegert

Lebanon (Oct. 24)

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