In the Trump fact check piece (Albany Democrat-Herald, April 14), Trump is quoted as saying during the last news week, "We withdrew the United States from the one-sided Paris climate accord, where you don't do any more drilling for oil and gas." Of course that is just another lie, as the Paris accord does not ban any form of energy development, and is in fact a set of voluntary targets.

Trump goes on the say about the accord, "That was going to cost us a lot of money." So the U.S. is currently producing more oil than it ever has in the history of our nation. Yet, with all this oil drilling, and oil producers benefiting from the generous corporate tax policies, gas is currently over $3.00 a gallon. The day Trump was sworn into the office, gas was $2.27 a gallon. That will make America great again.

The top of the same page has an article where trained and educated scientists express concern over the environmental changes in the Bering Sea. Of course, Trump has opined on numerous occasions about climate science being a hoax. It is like if we ignore all these warning signs, we'll all make more money. Oh, boy!

As we watch the climate and the changes we are seeing every month, every year, realize we only have one of these, and need to be the best stewards possible. In 2020, please vote for candidates who respect our Earth, value science and put the health and safety of us all at the centerpiece of their agenda.

That will not be Trump!

Larry Willett

Sweet Home (April 15)

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