Our country has great health care, among the best in the world. 

But many of us can't afford that great health care. A lot of us just can't afford to get sick. 

We may have insurance, but deductibles and co-pays are so high that we don't go to the doctor when we need to, so we don't catch problems early enough. What's the use of insurance like that?

My husband and I have Medicare, but most of his pension goes for supplemental insurance to cover what Medicare doesn't. Many retirees can't afford the extra insurance, so they don't go to the doctor when they need to.

A family member is on the Oregon Health Plan while building a small business, her only source of income. If her business earns a few dollars too much, she'll lose Oregon Health Plan coverage but she won't be able to afford to buy her own health insurance. 

Oregon can do better. We can pool our resources to make sure we all get the health care we need when we need it: a single-payer system.

A bill that will be voted on soon in the Oregon Senate — Senate Bill 770 A9 — would set up a commission to work out the details of a single-payer system for the state. Oregonians can then decide if that system is what we want for Oregon. Sounds good to me.

Edie Koenig

Albany (June 21)

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