Climate change has finally been brought to center stage, but not by our government or the world corporations, or commercial media.

The biggest question I am asked is what can I do? Alone, not much. In this predatory system where bottom line profits are all that matters, even saving the Earth seems to take last place. Organization of people seems obvious, and is happening worldwide. But we still lack real direction. The big push is for "alternative energy." Windmills and solar power. Nothing too wrong with this, but why are we not considering the most obvious? Cutting out the waste? It is all around us. Not just the full-page ads in this newspaper, not just all the plastic being dumped into our environment, not just all the useless product being trucked across the nation, all the freeway traffic going nowhere, but the biggest of all, the war industry — including the high-rise office buildings where all those important decisions are made. And, I can't resist, how about night lights on the football stadiums?

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Ed Hemmingson

Albany (Oct. 10)

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