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Mailbag: Let reps know you support HR 2307 (copy)

Mailbag: Let reps know you support HR 2307 (copy)

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Re: Commentary on April 20 from Anthony Pahnke:

The solution to our current political mess is not, in my opinion, the development, expansion or acceptance of any third parties. The problem is the parties themselves. While there are some politicians who stick to their values and beliefs, it is rare to find any who are not tainted by or beholden to the party system.

And many, many voters just look to see whether someone has an R or a D after their name to determine whether they will support that person, regardless of what the politician may actually believe. I can’t help but think that had Trump been a Democrat, not a single person who identifies as a Republican would ever have voted for him.

Closer to home, would Jo Rae Perkins, with her QAnon idiocy, have garnered any support if she were a D instead of an R? The point here is that people have stopped thinking about what is actually good for the country and good for them, and they instead are focused on making sure the other side loses — even when the other side may in fact better align with their values and needs.

Eliminate all political parties, vote the person, vote the issues. Let’s try it — it can’t possibly be worse than what we have now.

Michael McCusker




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