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Thinking citizens know the dangers to liberty of too much gun legislation. But these so called "red flag" laws not only threaten the Second Amendment, due process, the right to know your accuser, and the assumption of innocence, they also open the door to government thugs in SWAT uniforms smashing your door down in the middle of the night with methods reminiscent of the SS in Nazi Germany.

Think that is not possible? It's already happening. All it takes is one person, who gets to remain anonymous, to convince one judge that you might be a threat. Think what that threat does to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and others. Believe me, I thought long and hard before submitting this letter. But, somebody needs to speak up.

And, if you believe, since you are on the other side of this issue and don't own firearms, therefore you will be safe from these invasions, what is to keep someone from accusing you of owning firearms and being a threat? Just convince one judge. What if that cop that splintered your door and has his knee in the middle of your back is one of those who believes that only cops have a right to be armed. Heck, while you are face down on the floor, they could even plant a gun.

This is exactly the kind of situation that the Second Amendment was designed to prevent. But, it can't work if we continue to undermine it.

Frank Lathen

Lebanon (Feb. 20)

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