Thank you, Caitlyn May, for your story of the disgusting way the Greater Albany Public Schools Board of Directors ousted school Superintendent Jim Golden.

I too have read the 31-page public document filed in Benton County Court late in June 2019. The article disclosed the results of Golden's lawyer exposing all the emails within the GAPS electronic system.

I encourage everyone to go to the county courthouse legal kiosk to read the total filing. The case number is 18CV54309, a civil suit, and the litigant's name is Jim Golden. For a fee a hard copy is provided.

I conclude the GAPS senior staff and board members illegally colluded behind Jim's back to derail him based on only anonymous charges from inside the system. Senior staff school employees improperly and frequently went around the superintendent with anonymous complaints to board directors. All who participated in that should resign or be fired.

The fact that this will cost the taxpayers roughly a million dollars causes me angst. Proper public meeting protocol was not followed. Jim has demanded a jury trial per contract but my view is the case will be settled out of court. But thanks to May, the public now knows of the illegal behavior by those elected and administrative officials.

Tom Cordier

Albany (July 29)

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